Monday, June 19, 2017

My Doll Show Experience

This year, I made the decision to participate in the Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Artist Convention. The experience was amazing. I got to meet some really great collectors and some really talented Artist. I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented, kind, and personable artist named Joe MacPhale at the show.  I really wanted to share with you my video of Joe MacPhale's BJD dolls that blink... yes they blink!!! The amazing dolls are poseable as well. I was so astounded by the mechanical mind of Joe MacPhale's mind.  If you get a chance, check out his dolls on facebook at or on Instagram at Please check out his website at Each one of his dolls have such intricate pieces and every doll is a piece of Art!!!

See link below if you can't see video:

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My journey

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to back out of the Quinlan Doll Event. I wanted to post how grateful I am to my family and friends who supported me. For those who were following my journey I apologize for not posting sooner. Here are a few images of the process.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Armature Process

Getting Ready for the Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Weekend in Philadelphia. I have been experimenting with a new Armature. I probably shouldn't be experimenting before this show but it is helping me to be a better artist. I am experiencing the stretching in me as an artist and it's making me learn what works for me and what does not. I have been doing a lot of research and came up with my own way of mapping out the skeletal system in this armature. I know it doesn't need to be this complicated but I find it useful in helping me map out the skeletal form. Here are a few images of my process.

I started with a sketch of my doll and worked on making a jig, I decided to make only one side on the board. I just did my left side and then right side. The bodice I just folded the galvanized wiring in half.

After the jig, I joined the armature together with white floral tape at the spine first and then attached the bodice. I filled in the rib cage cavity and the legs with aluminum foil.

Happy Sculpting!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Being Brave!!!

2016 rang in with me wanting to be braver than ever before as an artist. I want to share with you my journey getting ready for the Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Weekend Event hosted by the Quinlan Museum at the Clarion Hotel in Philadelphia, Pa. This will be my very first show ever, so I am very nervous and anxious.

Let me tell you about this event, I attend every year as a gawker (lol) just to see the amazing Doll artist and their amazing work. I always come away from the show INSPIRED!!! To see some of the detail these artist put into their creations is just so inspiring. It makes you want to go home and create!!!This event offers collectors and artist Doll and Teddy Bear Making workshops, Gallery showings, a Market Place, raffles as well banquets. Like I said it's an amazing event. It's a 3 day event and I hear it's a unique experience.

I would attend on the day this event was open to the public for artist to sell their Art Dolls or Teddy Bears. I would always look forward to attending because I got to see the creations of other Doll/Teddy Bear Artist up close. I also got to speak with fellow artist who are always so generous with their knowledge. It is an excellent show, Susan and Terry Quinlan do a wonderful job of hosting it. I was always encouraged by fellow artist to participate but my response usually was "Maybe next year I will do it" which turned into a long explanation why I couldn't find the time. Whether it be financial or personal reasons, something would always come up. But this year I decided that I would do what was necessary to attend. So here I am trying to gather myself to embark on a new journey. Come along with me as I chronicle my journey.

To find out more about this Amazing event here is the link to the Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Weekend Event

To be continued!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Finished Finally!!

I finally finished the painting of La Virgen de Alta Gracia (Our Lady of High Grace) on August 2nd which coincidentally is the feast of La Virgen del Los Angeles (Our Lady of the Angels). Any one who knows me, knows I have an affinity for Angels and the Virgen Mary, so when I finished on the feast of Our Lady of the Angels, I felt a little awestruck. Here are some images of the final painting!!


Painting on fabric was new for me and a learning experience. So I thought I'd share what I learned from painting on fabric and what I would have done differently. Next time, Before I started painting, I would have prepped the fabric with gesso and textile medium to make the blending of the paints easier. I also would have used a little bit of gesso with sealer on the back of the fabric for laundering purposes before painting. I also wouldn't use any metallic paints and definitely no glitter paint because when u iron to set in the acrylic paints, the metallic paints tend to melt and peel up. I also pre-washed the fabric to take out the sizing that most fabrics have. I used natural fiber fabrics to paint on only. I used a Teflon sheet on the painting while ironing to set in the Acrylic paints. I used a Non-yellowing acrylic sealer after heat setting the paints. I waited 24 hours after painting before ironing and sealing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Art as Prayer

Here are some more WIP Progress pictures of the Virgen de la Alta Gracia. As I paint or sculpt, sometimes I feel that I am being guided by something bigger than I am. As I am painting this particular image, I look forward to sitting at my easel. Seeing the beauty of it all coming slowly together with each brush stroke I can feel a peace that comes into my heart. I almost feel like something heavenly takes hold of my hands and guides me to the right angle or right stroke or right color. Before I know it, I am feeling euphoric and peace-filled. I guess what I am trying to say, is that for me Art is like praying. It fills me when I am empty.

The crown is one of my favorite parts of the image!!

Stay tuned for further progress pics @(^_^)@

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Forward with the painting of the Virgin of High Grace, I have a lot of tiny details to still accomplish. So here are some quick pics of the process, I must say that painting on fabric is definitely different. It is a little more difficult to blend the paints together, even with a floating medium. The fabric has some ripples still but I'll iron them out after I finish it.  I have to iron it anyway to heat set the acrylic paints anyway.

Started the cape but needs to be darker
Shaded and deepened the cape
Working on the hair
Image is washed out from the camera :o(
Natural lighting not any better!!! ha ha ha!
Stay tuned for more images of my progress!!!  @(^_^)@