Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Sewing Swap Doll

Every Christmas, me and a bunch of talented women from our cloth doll club (The Garden State Artisans Cloth Doll Club) get together and either we swap a doll or exchange a handmade item for Christmas. This year, it was a sewing theme swap, so I thought I'd make a Needle Case with a Doll's face as the cover. So, I thought I'd share my handmade needle case doll. I usually make pretty dolls but this year I wanted to do something different.  I guess my style is changing or I may be evolving into a new style. I like diversity, anything from Pretty to Creepy to Gothic. I know it's an artist thing, we never can settle for one type of art. That's what makes Doll Making soooo Fun!!!  Here's how I started my process.... First, I started with a sketch and then made a template the size I wanted, this ensures that the doll is scaled appropriately. Second, I made a foil armature to save on the amount of clay I use and then wrapped it with floral tape. Third, I made the eyes out of Fimo Polymer Clay in white and translucent. I avoid using a straight pure white clay because it's too stark for an eyeball. Fourth, I then used Prosculpt Polymer Clay and Acrylic paints for the face. Lastly, for the hair, I used  multiple hair extensions. A lot of my dolls have this hair because I like the silky look. I'll try just about any type of product to get the end I named her Angelia. Eventually, Heather, my friend, received the doll I made.

This is my template sketch
On the left is my Armature after it was wrapped in floral tape and beside it is the armature covered in Prosculpt.

I am not a portrait artist but i think i came pretty close with this sculpt...LOL!

Here is Angelia with her extensions... I definitely think she looks creepy in this photo...hehehe

She looks like Rapunzel with the long Braid... hahaha

These needles are Doll Making needles, so they're a little larger than normal.

Friday, March 15, 2013